CNVRCentral Naugatuck Valley Region (Connecticut)
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La mision de la primera comision chilena (CNVR) (9) fue establecer un cuadro lo mas completo posible sobre las mas graves violaciones a los derechos humanos, sus antecedentes, circunstancias y formas, ademas de definir un marco politico y contextual, haciendo un repaso por la historia y las modalidades represivas.
Over twenty-five years, in the case of the CNVR (1991) and thirteen years, in the case of the National Commission on Political Prison and Torture (CNPPT, 2004, for its acronym in Spanish) have elapsed since the creation of the TRC, yet there are no studies that value the impact they had on Chilean society.
This approach proved to be ineffective, and the new CNVR treatment model was developed.
La Comision Nacional de Verdad y Reconciliacion (CNVR) de Chile fue creada en abril de 1990 y finalizo su labor con el llamado Informe de la CNVR o Informe Rettig (1991).
En Chile, por el contrario, el mandato de la Comisii?1/2n Nacional de Verdad y Reconciliacii?1/2n (CNVR) fue mucho mi?1/2s estrecho.
(6.) This testimony is quoted in a report by the CNVR, the National Truth and Reconciliation Committee, appointed by Patricio Aylwin, the President of the Republic (1990-1994), to carry out an investigation into crimes committed during the dictatorship.
According to the BSPCA secretary, Claire Cunnigham, around BD2,000 has been raised so far which will be used to fund the charity's on-going Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return (CNVR) programme for strays, as well as help cover the operational costs of running the shelter taking into account food, vet bills and the price of utilities.
She was initially brought in under the CNVR (collect, neuter, vaccinate and return) programme but early during her stay was seen as a good candidate for life inside a house.
Norwegian real-time search solutions provider Fast Search & Transfer ASA (FAST) said on Monday (13 August) that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of the RetrievalWare business of the US group Convera Corporation (NASDAQ: CNVR).
Norwegian real-time search solutions provider Fast Search & Transfer ASA said on Monday (2 April) that the US company Convera Corporation (NASDAQ: CNVR) has signed an agreement to deploy the FAST AdMomentum solution.