CNWGCatalogue of New World Grasses
CNWGCounter Narcotics Working Group
CNWGCanada News Wire Group (est. 1960)
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The basic structure of the CNWG consists of three metallic rectangular parallel plates, a central one and two at its sides, equidistantly separated from the central plate.
For the CNWG, the domain is extended from [6 x [10.sup.-05], 6 x [10.sup.-05]] m to [6.5 x [10.sup.-04], 6.5 x [10.sup.-04]] m.
Figure 14 shows electric field [E.sub.z] propagating through the CNWG. We observe the field propagates symmetrically along the waveguide.
As it can be observed, there is a memory saving of 18.4%, 18.3%, and 15.6% with double-precision variables for free space, parabolic reflector, and CNWG, respectively, while for the single-precision mode, the memory savings are of about 18.4%, 18.3%, and 15.8%, respectively.
In Figure 21, we show the absolute error produced by the usage of single-precision variables with respect to the double-precision ones; the parabolic reflector, the CNWG, and the indoor propagation numerical experiments absolute errors are featured in Figures 21(a), 21(b), and 21(c), respectively.
Caption: Figure 14: Distribution of electric field ([E.sub.z]) in the CNWG for a propagation frequency of 100 THz.