CNWRACenter for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses
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The CNWRA also provides assistance in technical and licensing programs related to interim storage of radioactive wastes, uranium recovery, decommissioning of contaminated sites, new and existing fuel-cycle facilities, and nuclear power reactor projects.
In addition, the CNWRA supports NRC environmental impact assessments across the nuclear fuel cycle.
Beyond its primary mission of supporting NRC, the CNWRA also has worked on projects with foreign governments and agencies to develop regulatory procedures or evaluate storage or disposal of radioactive material.
CNWRA staff members have conducted independent research and peer reviews related to radioactive waste management in Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and other foreign governments and agencies.
The CNWRA is beginning its twenty-first year of operation at SwRI," said Dr.
Established in October 1987 as a federally funded research and development center, the CNWRA offers the Commission independent assessment capability.
The CNWRA will also provide technical assistance to NRC in evaluating the design, construction, operation and ultimate closure of the potential repository.