CNYCCouncil of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums
CNYCCore Neighborhood Youth Coop (Canada)
CNYCCentral New York Cycling
CNYCCroatian National Youth Council
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Affinity has been a partner for numerous years," said Marcel Petit, Executive Director of CNYC, adding that with their restructuring they are trying to acknowledge their sponsors for as much as possible to show their appreciation.
This is a big help for CNYC as they mainly rely on funders and donors to make their annual budget.
This donation means that CNYC is more than halfway to making the annual minimum required to keep the doors open.
CNYC is an alternative education program that assists Saskatoon youth in developing life skills and employment skills outside the institutional models and school systems when they do not thrive in the mainstream school system.
Restricted Group $101 867 $4,801 $106,668 CNYC 26,796 1,123 27,919 North Coast Cable 5,147 473 5,620 Total restricted group 133,810 6,397 140,207 V Cable 32,929 869 33,798 Monmouth/Riverview 19,446 -- 19,446 Subtotal - Cable 186,185 7,266 193,451 Other Unrestricted (1,904) 7,288 5,384 Total $184,281 $14,554 $198,835
Every cooperative and condominium that is a CNYC member can send one preregistered representative to the Conference at no cost.
So far, REBNY and CNYC have "had a very positive response" to the guide, which, according to Marilyn Davenport, senior vice president of REBNY helps boards outline their responsibilities under the law
The CNYC will be holding a seminar on detecting and preventing fraud and kickbacks on July 20th.
I don't know if we should just leave managing agents 'hanging'" said Spinola, of the CNYC proposal being authored by Salt and based on the Federal law exempting board members of not-for-profit corporations from such prosecution.
We're going to seek a legislative remedy so a board discharging its responsibilities in good faith can't be held criminally responsible if something goes wrong," said Mary Ann Rothman, executive director of the CNYC.