CNYPCCentral New York Psychiatric Center (Marcy, NY)
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Ward (28) decision resulted in a consent decree leading to the Legislature's enactment of Correctional Law section 402 and the creation of the CNYPC and its network of corrections-based satellite mental health units; and the Kesselbrenner v.
In 1977, CNYPC operated seven corrections-based satellite mental health units.
Currently, the treatment philosophy of CNYPC is changing from that of a traditional acute psychiatric treatment model to a rehabilitation/recovery model that stresses the patient's personal investment in his or her own recovery.
Description: On behalf of the Central New York Psychiatric Center (CNYPC) and St.
Central New York Psychiatric(CNYPC) is a maximum security Office of Mental Health Hospital serving incarcerated individuals within the NYS Department of Correctional Services(DOCCS) and county jails, as well as civilly committed individuals who have been transferred from DOCCS directly to CNYPC in accordance with the Sexual Offender Management Treatment Act(SOMTA).