CO-ADOSContingency Operation for Active Duty Operational Support
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The key to gaining approval for the CO-ADOS COA at the DA level is ensuring that the following criteria are met:
In our case, if we had not been able to use TDA slots from our garrison here at Fort Riley, we would not have been able to pursue the CO-ADOS option.
For example, once we gained approval to move forward with the CO-ADOS option, which took months of coordination with FORSCOM and HQDA, we initiated advertisements through the Human Resources Command-St.
A good rule of thumb for the timeframe required for the CO-ADOS process is that it will take about 8 months from the time that a sustainment brigade wants the Soldier on the ground; 2 months for COA development and command approval, 3 months for selections, and 3 months for the production of orders.
Another significant improvement would be to allow Reserve Soldiers to serve on CO-ADOS orders with an Active Army unit (especially units without a joint manning document [JMD]), provided the MOS and grade/rank requirements are met.