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CO-OPSCenter for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
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The co-ops featured could adapt this year's theme in many other ways, such as: Co-ops Commit to Renewable Energy; Co-ops Commit to Helping Farmers; Co-ops Commit to Democracy and Dynamic Governance; Co-ops Commit to Worker-owned Businesses; Co-ops Commit to Better Home Care for Elderly and Disabled People"; even "Co-ops Commit to T-Rex Preservation." And if that last one doesn't bring home the flexibility of both the co-op business model and the types of work co-ops can do, nothing will!
CMS also created rules that kept CO-OPs from getting loans or investment money from any sources other than CMS.
Traditional health insurance co-ops now cover about 2 million U.S.
"Some teachers have seen misbehaving pupils given jobs in the school food co-ops and it's given them purpose and improved behaviour.
Mindy Goldstein, NCB's senior vice president, arranged nearly $30 million in loans during September, including a $9 million first mortgage and a $3 million line of credit for a 149-unit co-op located at 136 East 56th Street in Manhattan.
"Co-ops are an economic model that includes ownership from more than one person," says Angela Dawson, communications director for Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund in Minneapolis.
These risks may be exacerbated when owners are away, especially where condos and co-ops are purchased as seasonal residences.
The heyday of the cooperative nursery school movement was between 1940 and 1965 as revealed by the growing numbers of co-ops and the emergence of co-op associations.
"If the business with local co-ops simply shifts over to other regional cooperatives, you still have the same basic system just under a different umbrella," he says.
This is just a small sampling of the long list of films from a co-op that had its modest start in 1974 when a small group of Winnipeg filmmakers banded together to share resources, support each other's work, and gather together on Sunday nights.
Although natural foods supermarkets aren't the biggest challenge to co-ops, companies like Whole Foods cover the same waterfront with considerably more money to spend on advertising, promotion and displays.
In co-ops, these range from informal sharing of members' resources coordinated through the co-op office to ongoing relationships with agencies such as Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank, which provides staple foods to permanent food banks.