CO-PICo-Principal Investigator
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Furthermore, the binding energy of 131.9 eV and 133.2 eV corresponds to phosphate, which suggests the existence of Co-Pi [29].
[21] improved the mechanical properties of the BPDA/p-phenylene diamine (p-PDA) fibers by incorporating ODA into the backbones and the strength and modulus of the co-PI fibers were up to 2.2 GPa and 96 GPa, respectively.
The principle (PI) and co-principle (Co-PI) investigators categorized the interruptions following the observations.
FTIR results confirmed the formation of silica particles and Co-PI matrix.
Dr Adham will serve as the Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) for the project and will be joined on the project by key members of the GWSC research team, including Raul Dores, Joel Minier Matar, and Arnie Janson, and by Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI), Professor Tony Fane, from Nanyang University of Singapore.
I served as Project Director/Principal Investigator (PI), and Kendall was the Co-PI. The project was funded to ITEA by NSF and NASA.
The researchers wanted to determine what levels of bacteria, or pathogens, found in beach sand could pose a health risk for beachgoers, explained Solo-Gabriele, who is also Co-PI of the Oceans and Human Health Center at the UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS).
The SARETI PI is Professor Doug Wassenaar and the co-PI is Professor Mariana Kruger, assisted by Professors Carel IJsselmuiden and Nhlanhla Mkhize.
Rolf Muller, president and Chief Scientific Officer of Biomatrica, who is a co-PI on the CRADA project.
Technical: Cuntai Guan, PhD (PI) (I2R), Kai Keng Ang, PhD (co-PI) (I2R)
Operating Grant (grant program, amount, project title, PI, Co-PI, Co-investigators)
2--Johns Hopkins University MSN/MPH student Christina Fusco spent the summer semester completing her practicum requirements while working on a WHO-funded led by SON faculty Patricia Abbott (PI) and Laura Taylor (Co-PI).