CO19Central Operations Specialist Firearms Command (formerly Specialist Operations 19; London, England, UK)
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First of a two-part documentary following members of CO19, the Metropolitan Police's firearms division.
Mr de Menezes was shot dead by CO19 firearms officers who mistook him for a suicide bomber after he left his home in a block of flats linked to Osman.
56) Yet, if the fear is that contact with the chest might detonate a live device on a suspected bomber, it remains totally unclear why CO19 put themselves and other passengers in the train at Stockwell in such jeopardy by doing so in the Menezes case.
Mr Duggan's death came after two shots were fired by a Scotland Yard CO19 firearms officer, investigations show.
Scotland Yard confirmed yesterday that AZ8 had been suspended from the Met's CO19 firearms unit.
A member of the Metropolitan Police's CO19 firearms unit has been removed from duty after suspicions arose that he peppered his testimony under oath with musical references.
The CO19 officer then took photographs of himself inside his HQ in South London and emailed them to her under the name of "funboybobby", and one picture showed him in his uniform and body armour, with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol.
The officers from the Met's elite CO19 specialist firearms unit are believed to have broken wall panels and pulled down a wardrobe in their search for weapons.
The incident happened early yesterday morning when the officer - part of the Metropolitan Police's CO19 firearms team - went to a burglary in Dagenham, East London.
Cameras have been allowed unique access to follow F Relief, one of six uniformed divisions within armed response unit CO19, for over four months during one of the most violent periods in London's history.
An insight into the scary working lives of officers in CO19, the Met's firearms division.
It would appear CO19 firearms officers reported for duty at 7am on July 22.