COABCanadian Organic Advisory Board (est. 1992)
COABChrist on A Bike (music website)
COABCable Operators Association of Bangladesh
COABCanned Outrage About Brüno
COABCoalition Objectives Assessment Board
COABCampaign Objectives Assessment Board (UK)
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Gordon Hamblin, COAB President, made the announcement after the Organic Standard was ratified by the Standards Council of Canada which oversees the National Standards System.
A two-way-analysis of variance (ANOVA) determined the significance of differences between main effects, which were muscle mass (high and low) and Watts for absolute values of CO (COabs; L x [min.sup.-1]) and CO relative to muscle mass (COrel; mL x [kg.sup.-1] x [min.sup.-1]).
There was no significant difference for COabs (L x [min.sup.-1]) during leg ergometry between larger (14.34 [+ or -] 4.93) and smaller (12.68 [+ or -] 4.47) muscle mass (P=0.067).
In both exercise modalities, COrel increased (leg exercise: P<0.001; arm exercise: P<0.001) with increasing workloads as seen with absolute COabs. There was no significant interaction effects found for COrel across workloads in either modality.
Maritime defense regional reporting centers would use smart-agent tools like ADINA (and Control of Agent-Based Systems, or CoABS, grids, described in the online appendix) both to fuse the data, including the crucial MMSI reports, and to formulate decisions and courses of action, all in close coordination with the U.S.
To solve this integration problem, we are using the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency supported COABS GRID technology developed by Global Infotek, Inc., and ISX Corporation.
We primarily use the COABS GRID as a uniform transport mechanism.