COADDCentral Oregon Attention Deficit Disorder
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Finally, for the standard stars we coadded the spectra of the central fibres and compared them with the tabulated one-dimensional spectra.
For each spectrum, 980 000 scans were coadded to maintain the same 74-s data-acquisition time as used for the FTICR analysis.
The resolution of the spectrum was 2 [cm.sup-1], and the number of coadded scans was 32.
Each spectrum represents 16 coadded scans, achieved at a spectral resolution of 1 [cm.sup.-1], in the wavenumber range 4000-400 [cm.sup.-1].
Yield of UST5 formed 0.68%, UST10 Coadded 1 bps up to 1.67%, UST30 Co 2 bps up to 2.88%.
One thousand twenty-four scans were coadded for each spectrum.
For all IR spectra, 36 coadded scans were collected with a special resolution of 2 [cm.sup.-1].
To collect the data for each spectrum, we performed 32 coadded scans at a resolution of 4 cm-1, with a typical range from 800 to 4000 cm-1.
That's because most researchers took the processed and coadded version from the online HDF site; such downloads weren't counted in Donahue and Kitaball's survey.
The spectra were derived from 50 coadded interferograms, which were obtained at a resolution of 1 [cm.sup.-1] Synchrotron wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) measurements were conducted on Beamline 4C2 at Pohang Light Source (Korea) where a W/B4C double multilayer monochromator delivered monochromatic X-rays with a wavelength ([lambda].) of 0.1542 nm and a resolution of [DELTA][lamda]/[lamda] = 0.01.
Spectra computed from 128 coadded interferograms (collection time -50 s) were collected continuously before and during the treatment.
Electrim recently sent us an upgrade to its camera-control software that allows multiple images to be automatically "coadded" and saved in the 16-bit FITS format that professional astronomers use.