COAECollege of Agricultural Engineering (various universities)
COAECenter of Organic Agriculture in Egypt (est. 1990)
COAECost of Assumption Error
COAEClick-Evoked Otoacoustic Emission
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A tram mile comes up to 190 g of COAe, so two miles is 380 g of COAe.
It takes 4g COAe to send an email that is not junk, 50g COAe for an email with attachment.
Getting an average apple (Size does matter!) to your kitchen produces 80 g COAe on average and 550 g per kilo.
While your lovely colleague did her best not to burn all the cookies and, unlike you, resisted eating half the warm crumble before anyone else has even seen it, one kilowatt-hour of electricity produces 600g COAe and an achy stomach.
A large latte costs e1/42.60 and 140 g COAe. The milk in there is responsible for two thirds of the carbon emissions; drinking one latte a day already makes up nearly one percent of the 10-ton lifestyle that Mike Berners-Lee advocates.
One British pound equals 930 g COAe if it is spent on a supermarket cart full of food.
maybe not, given that the cheesy goodness and healthy tomatoes and salads are 2.5 kg of COAe! That's more than three times the amount of this morning's washing.