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COAGCouncil of Australian Governments
COAGChronic Open Angle Glaucoma
COAGConsortium on Asthma Genetics
COAGCoagulation Rate
COAGCoordinadora de Organizaciones Agricultores y Ganaderos (Spanish: Livestock and Farmers Cooperative)
COAGConstitutional Officers' Association of Georgia, Inc
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While COAG has gone through cycles of importance, the Australian example of institutionalized vertical IGR provides an interesting contrast with the Canadian case, where IGR has been far less regularized in general.
Just prior to the passing of the NRA through COAG, in January 2006, Prime Minister John Howard announced a cabinet reshuffle, prompted by a series of Coalition MP resignations, including Kay Patterson who held the Family and Community Services ministry which at the time encompassed the early years sector.
Whereas the majority of patients in EU-PACT initiated warfarin for atrial fibrillation, more patients in COAG were being treated for venous thromboembolism.
4) The guideline set out an evidence-based framework which enables optometrists and other healthcare professionals to play an increasing role in the medical management of COAG and OHT in accordance with clinical risk and case complexity based at three defined skill levels:
Given the varying interests of the individual States and Territories, it is unsurprising that the draft National Law has provoked substantial debate and COAG has received numerous submissions from interested parties including the Law Council of Australia, the Business Council of Australia, regulatory bodies in the States and Territories and consumer groups.
In view of these problems, at its February 2006 meeting, COAG asked the Productivity Commission to develop proposals for efficient pricing of road and rail freight infrastructure, and has committed to harmonise rail and road regulation, strengthen and better coordinate transport planning and project appraisal, reduce urban transport congestion, and general productivity-enhancing reforms.
Lahey said the BCA remained optimistic that the meeting of COAG this week would result in better cooperation between Canberra and the States on identifying priority infrastructure issues and mechanisms to resolve them.
Nine families: 1 with JOAG, 1 with PCG and 7 with COAG were screened for mutations at the known genes.
The commissioner recently deferred a determination on the matter, pending possible COAG consideration of taxation issues as part of its energy policy review process.
Typically the biannual COAG meeting of heads of government would identify a policy area needing reform.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian signed the agreement with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in COAG on Friday which commits the Commonwealth to providing 45 per cent of NSWs growth health funding, capped at an annual growth rate of 6.
In SAC settings there is now greater importance placed on relationships and nurturing children's talents and interests, which is consistent with COAG aims for early years' reform and the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians (MEECTYA, 2008).