COANComando de Aviación Naval (Spanish: Naval Aviation Command; Argentina)
COANComputer Association of Nigeria
COANChange of Address Notification (Canada Post Corporation)
COANComptroller Office Automation Network
CoANConfederation of Allied Nations (gaming clan)
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Both cluster and factor analysis, in combination, have very clearly pointed out the importance of independent variables, like COAN and [N.
CPRN has delegated COAN to conduct these examinations.
However, we discovered that some of the private institutions are now gearing themselves towards covering the COAN syllabus.
PO: It may interest you to know that the COAN held the 'First made in Nigeria' software exhibition in Lagos on 25-27 of March 1997, and that we are planning another one for this year.
However, all of these genotypes showed greater galling and egg mass ratings in comparison to the nematode resistant check, COAN.
On the basis of nematode eggs per gram of fresh root, none of the breeding lines appear to have a level of resistance as high as the level of resistance in COAN (Table 2).
The breeding lines in the present study have moderate levels of nematode resistance, and all lines are more susceptible than COAN.
COAN has a smaller vine size than Florunner (17% by measurement of main stem and cotyledonary laterals).
COAN averaged numerically less in yield than Florunner and Tamrun 96 in 19 tests from 1996 to 1998 in Texas but was not statistically different (P = 0.
Resistance of COAN to root-knot nematodes is expressed as a reduction in nematode reproduction.
Most members of COAN are, first and foremost, businessmen.
For all their faults, COAN and COVAN are having a tough time trying to establish standards to determine what type of equipment is imported.