COAPContributory Old Age Pension (Ireland)
COAPCompromise of Arrears Program
COAPClinical Outcomes Assessment Program
COAPCommercial Appraisal of Opportunities (University of Warwick; UK)
COAPConstrained Application Protocol
COAPCourt Order Acceptable for Processing
COAPCertified Open Adoption Practitioner
COAPCenter for Ocean Analysis and Prediction
COAPCollege of American Pathologists
COAPCourse of Action Planner
COAPCertified Office Automation Professional
COAPCompensation Officer Apprenticeship Program
COAPColorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy Parenting and Prevention
COAPColorado Organic Agroecology Program
COAPControl Over All Purchases
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A10 Networks describes CoAP as "a lightweight machine-to-machine protocol that can run on smart devices where memory and computing resources are scarce".
CoAP is a lightweight machine-to-machine (M2M) protocol that can run on smart devices where memory and computing resources are scarce.
The main server is the HTTP server that is internally interworking with other proxy servers such as CoAP, MQTT, and WebSocket.
Performance evaluation of mqtt and coap via a common middleware.
According to Coap, the programme has made a decisive contribution to the rebuilding of Cypriot beekeeping and to improving the competitiveness and quality of local honey.
Michael Kirkland, who serves as the Moynihan Scholarship Fund fundraising chair, spoke about the importance of COAP and the scholarship programs in increasing diversity within the profession.
Castellani, Z.Shelby, "CoAP: An Application Protocol for Billions of Tiny Internet Nodes", IEEE InternetComputing, 1 (2), pp.
For information transmission, this system utilizes a real-time database (RODB) and a constrained application protocol (CoAP) based on extraction transform and load (ETL) technique and online analytical processing (OLAP).
The data distribution layer is connected to the border routers of the vehicular network and the smart parking subsystems using the CoAP protocol.
Los autores combinan el protocolo de aplicacion restringido (CoAP) con la arquitectura omnipresente (uID) que permite el reconocimiento de los datos requeridos para los servicios IoT.
These protocols include MQTT, AMQP and CoAP, among others.