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COAPES managing committee was created to come up with national guidelines for contracts.
The guidelines proposed for COAPES outlined in Interministerial Ordinance No.
Towards this same direction, the medical course of Universidade Regional de Blumenau, SC, Brazil, developed participatory construction strategies of COAPES. It encouraged the creation of a municipal policy of integration among teaching, service and community (22).
As a strategy to overcome this situation, regulate the relationship between universities and SUS managers, and foster processes of sustainable changes, guidelines for the celebration of Education-Health Public Action Organizational Contracts (COAPES) (25) were instituted in 2015.
PERIOD PIECE An original illustration from a Malory Towers story which was among the items bought at auction by Seven Stories LOTS TO LIKE Sarah Lawrance and Alison Coapes of Seven Stories examine some of the book centre's Enid Blyton purchases
Andrew Coapes, associate at WYG said: "As project managers on this scheme we will be working with Balfour Beatty and consultant designers Halcrow to ensure the scheme comes in on time and to budget.
As coping strategies, we can list: 1) participation and social control, together with the population in general; 2) offering continuing education actions from the needs expressed by professionals and management; 3) workshops and training courses for preceptors; 4) hiring of substitute and temporary teachers by UFRN and collaboration of teachers from the partner universities of the residency programs, through terms of cooperation; 5) Reservation of exclusive positions for preceptors in the Education Graduate Programs, Work and Innovation in Medicine, Professional Master's level, EMCM-UFRN; 6) signing of the Public Action Teaching-Service Action Contract (COAPES); and 7) co-construction of dialogues and tensioning spaces with municipal and state management, as ways to strengthen IESC.
SUCCESS Andrew Coapes of TT2, Fabrice Cao of Bouygues Travaux Publics, Trevor Jackson of TT2 and Coun David Wood at the tunnel mouth yesterday
The impact on health care management in the region can be punctuated by establishing elements provided by Law 12.871 of October 2013 (20), which created the MDP, since the VIC module contributed to the creation of an organization contract of public actions for teaching in health (COAPES), signed by 41cities in two healthcare regions in the interior of RN state.
CREATIVE Andrew Moffat PROGRESSING From left, Andrew Coapes, technical manager for TT2; Coun Tom Hanson, vice chair of the TWITA; Nicolas Caille, project managing director from Bouygues Travaux Publics; and engineer Colin Blythman
Iniciativas como o Contrato Organizativo de Acao Publica de Ensino-Saude (Coapes), portaria do Ministerio da Saude, atualmente encampado pela SMS de Sao Paulo, sao promissoras como espaco de planejamento e avaliacao de estagio em servicos municipais.
MAKING SURE THE PAST IS REMEMBERED Students Esther Harper, top, and Alison Coapes, left, who are part of a group recording the history of the Bruce Building on Percy Street.