COARECoupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment
COARECreative Opportunities and Reality Expressions
COARECenter for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education (Oakland, CA)
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The CoARE Facility was conceptualized to meet the growing demand for a facility that could provide stable storage and long-term archiving for datasets used and produced in DOST researches.
We're thrilled to continue and deepen our relationship with OWUSS," said Christopher Chin, COARE's executive director.
As part of COARE, a multi-national group of scientists using several research vessels mounted an intensive field observation program in the warm pool from October 1992 through March 1993.
Figures 14a and 14b show good agreement between measured and COARE profiles.
Smull, "Shipborne dual-Doppler operations during TOGA COARE: integrated observations of storm kinematics and electrification," Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol.
San Francisco, CA, May 12, 2011 --( The Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Education, known more commonly by its acronym "COARE," applauds the the State of Washington for its adoption of Senate Bill 5688 (sponsored by Senators Ranker, Swecker, Rockefeller, Litzow, Shin, and Kline) and Governor Chris Gregoire for signing that Bill into law today.
COARE sought to understand the physical processes that maintain the warm pool and how it influences the atmosphere at remote locations.
Since a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of air-sea interaction is fundamentally important for the study of ocean circulation models, ocean-atmosphere coupled models, and the energy and water cycle, in order to estimate the air-sea fluxes, air-sea exchange observation had been treated as the main content in Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere, Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA COARE) [8].
The most expensive study carried out in the 1992-2015 time frame was Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA COARE); the remainder of the "top 10 list" is presented in Table 2.
Ocean-atmosphere coupling was the focus of Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA COARE) (1988), which deployed large arrays of soundings and collected measurements from multiple aircraft (Webster and Lukas 1992).