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COARTCoupled Ocean-Atmosphere Radiative Transfer (online calculation tool; NASA Langley Research Center; Hampton, VA)
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To get the answers of those issues, we carried out a simulation study to estimate PAR for different types of aerosol model at measured in situ AOD using COART model.
Its natural regeneration is hindered by grazing and hybridization with cultivated forms of cherry, apple and pear (COART & al., 2006).
"The idea of extending regulators' powers comes from the French regulator," explains ERFA President Francois Coart. The French regulator recently suggested having his powers extended to be able to address the financial flow between SNCF and its road subsidiaries as much as possible.
A dance party featuring the music of Abakadubi - with brief dance performances by Joint Forces, CoArt Dance and international visitors - will be staged Friday night at the WOW Hall, 291 W.
In a statement, published on 22 November, ERFA President Francois Coart expressed his impatience.
10 will be the CoArt Dance Company and the Van Ummersen Dance Company.
The same day as the proposal was announced, ERFA president Francois Coart wrote to the EU's Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas about the consequences of the reform for the liberalisation of rail transport in France.
Also at Lord Leebrick Theatre, the Van Ummersen Dance Company and CoArt Dance Company will premiere several works in a joint concert (Dec.
At the conference, on 24 September, Francois Coart, head of the European Freight Rail Association (EFRA), rejected the synergy-cost argument "because these are two different matters".