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COASTCrisis Outreach and Support Team (various locations)
COASTCollege of Applied Science and Technology (various universities)
COASTCache on a Stick
COASTCache On A Stick (SRAM)
COASTCambridge Optical Aperture Synthesis Telescope
COASTComputer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
COASTConsortium of Anti-Spyware Technology (vendors)
COASTCooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (New Hampshire, USA)
COASTCoalition for Sustainable Transportation
COASTCoastal Observation and Simulation with Topography
COASTConsolidated Overseas Accountability Support Toolbox (US Department of State)
COASTConsortium for Oceanographic Activities for Students and Teachers
COASTController's Assistant
COASTCooperative Application Systems Technology
COASTCity of Aberdeen Swim Team (UK)
COASTCourse of Action Support Tool
COASTComputer-Optimized Adaptive Suspension Technology
COASTCourse of Action Selection Tool
COASTComputer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology lab
COASTCourse Of Action System Tool
COASTChip On A Stick
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To promote and protect these enterprises, a company was incorporated by the Russian government with exclusive privileges, and a capital of two hundred and sixty thousand pounds sterling; and the sovereignty of that part of the American continent, along the coast of which the posts had been established, was claimed by the Russian crown, on the plea that the land had been discovered and occupied by its subjects.
In Europe, the most southern glacier which comes down to the sea is met with, according to Von Buch, on the coast of Norway, in lat.
Skirting along the north coast of Sicily, passing through the group of Aeolian Isles, in sight of Stromboli and Vulcania, both active volcanoes, through the Straits of Messina, with "Scylla" on the one hand and "Charybdis" on the other, along the east coast of Sicily, and in sight of Mount Etna, along the south coast of Italy, the west and south coast of Greece, in sight of ancient Crete, up Athens Gulf, and into the Piraeus, Athens will be reached in two and a half or three days.
From my map it appeared that this city lay back from the coast a short distance, and there was another city given as Devonport, which appeared to lie at the mouth of the river Tamar.
The next morn broke off the coast of Aleria; all day they coasted, and in the evening saw fires lighted on land; the position of these was no doubt a signal for landing, for a ship's lantern was hung up at the mast-head instead of the streamer, and they came to within a gunshot of the shore.
The first place to be met with in travelling along the coast of Africa is Rondelo, situate over against Toro, and celebrated for the same miraculous passage.
What an indescribable spectacle, and what variety of sites and landscapes along these sandbanks and volcanic islands which bound the Libyan coast! But where these shrubs appeared in all their beauty was on the eastern coast, which the Nautilus soon gained.
The little steamer was already flapping her way eastward of the big crescent of shipping, and the low Essex coast was growing blue and hazy, when a Martian appeared, small and faint in the remote distance, advancing along the muddy coast from the direction of Foulness.
He who most closely studies the action of the sea on our shores, will, I believe, be most deeply impressed with the slowness with which rocky coasts are worn away.
Fogg, and said, "I think, your honour, that we should do well to make for one of the ports on the coast."
In all the devious tracings the course of a sailing-ship leaves upon the white paper of a chart she is always aiming for that one little spot - maybe a small island in the ocean, a single headland upon the long coast of a continent, a lighthouse on a bluff, or simply the peaked form of a mountain like an ant-heap afloat upon the waters.
It 's no harm, and Polly shall coast if she wants to; may n't she, grandma?" cried Tom, gallantly coming to the rescue, and securing a powerful ally.