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COATCoalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
COATCoalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (disabilities organizations consortium)
COATCouncil of Australasian Tribunals (Australia)
COATCenter of Applied Technologies (Basel, Switzerland)
COATCoherent Optical Adaptive Techniques
COATCounty Officials Association of Tennessee (Nashville, TN)
References in classic literature ?
Nikita called out, well knowing how carefully Mukhorty threw out his hind leg just to touch his greasy sheepskin coat but not to strike him--a trick Nikita much appreciated.
In his hands he had the A-B-C book for his son, but the old coat was gone.
There had been rain during the night; there was water in the shoes, and the coat was somewhat shrunk.
Come along, then,' said he of the green coat, lugging Mr.
Oh, you don't understand, Jim; a coat of arms is very different.
David Balfour," said I; and then, thinking that a man with so fine a coat must like fine people, I added for the first time, "of Shaws.
This posture it must be confessed did not much improve their appearance, as their own personal tails and their coat tails--both capital things in their way--did not agree together.
His hand was under the coat for but a moment, yet those quick, deft fingers had felt of each coin, and found and discarded the fatal piece.
While one thick garment is, for most purposes, as good as three thin ones, and cheap clothing can be obtained at prices really to suit customers; while a thick coat can be bought for five dollars, which will last as many years, thick pantaloons for two dollars, cowhide boots for a dollar and a half a pair, a summer hat for a quarter of a dollar, and a winter cap for sixty-two and a half cents, or a better be made at home at a nominal cost, where is he so poor that, clad in such a suit, of his own earning, there will not be found wise men to do him reverence?
The man had turned up the collar of the rough coat he wore, to shelter himself from the storm, and had buttoned it about his neck.
For instance, if a man wanted to buy a coat, he perhaps exchanged a bear-skin for it.
I request you to have the goodness to change your coat," he said as he turned away.