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Even now he sometimes starts out of his sleep in a sudden way and awakes all trembling until I can coax him back to his usual placidity.
Many attempts were made to coax or catch them, but in vain.
The wife thought she would coax the good man into letting her keep them.
We can't keep her full and bye, sir; watch her ever so close, she will fall off and then, sir, when I put the helm down so gently, and try like to coax her to the work, she won't take it kindly, but will fall round off again; and it's all because she knows the land is under the lee, sir, and she won't go any more to windward.
I have three very particular friends who have been all dying for him in their turn; and the pains which they, their mothers(very clever women), as well as my dear aunt and myself, have taken to reason, coax, or trick him into marrying, is inconceivable
Dinah Shadd had told me in the drawing-room of her desire to coax Mulvaney into letting his beard grow.
She had gone out into the wet and I could hardly coax her back to me- even with biscuits with sugar on top.
She sulked, then returned to coax once more, and sulked again, until, by the end of the evening, she was forced to be content with having impressed upon her father's mind both her love for Luigi and the idea of an approaching marriage.
I have hinted also at the trouble which the Professor's baggage gave us when we left the plateau, and had I described our voyage I might have said a good deal of the worry we had to coax with putrid fish the appetite of our filthy companion.
She answered: "It takes two to coax it round the corner"; and submitting to this argument he grasped the other handle, and together they manoeuvred the heavy trunk out to the landing.
When he entered the drawing-room before dinner May was stooping over the fire and trying to coax the logs to burn in their unaccustomed setting of immaculate tiles.
HIGGINS [rising and coming to her to coax her] Oh, that'll be all right.