COBALCompania Bananera Atlantica Ltda
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Os principais destinos deste transito sao a Cobal, as escolas proximas e os pontos finais de varias linhas de onibus, localizados na Av.
The aim of the program is to assure protection for workers and the environment on Costa Rican farms of Chiquita's subsidiaries, Compania Banaera Atlantica Ltd (COBAL) and the Chiriqui Land Company.
"For example, there is a documented shortage of COBAL programmers opposite the anticipated need.
Consequently, staff teams with legacy systems skills such as those with knowledge of COBAL have been in relative decline, and their time tends to be fully occupied with current maintenance and related duties.
This might be due to the catalytic effect of cobal naphthanate on the PU reaction (43).
As a first step, with the assistance of several national institutions, tax assessment and accounting applications in COBAL were developed.
In database management systems, the user actually defines the data structure, whereas with Cobal and Pascal the data structures are contained in the programs.