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COBBCobbles (lithological term)
COBBCentral Ohio Brass Band (est. 1989)
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Cobb. --You see, she's kind of excited.--We came on the cars from Temperance yesterday, slept all night at my cousin's, and drove from her house--eight miles it is--this morning."
Cobb, "She's been to Wareham and stayed over night; that isn't much to be journey-proud on!"
Cobb gave a cluck, slapped the reins, and the horses started sedately on their daily task--"all I want to say is that it is a journey when"--the stage was really under way now and Rebecca had to put her head out of the window over the door in order to finish her sentence--"it IS a journey when you carry a nightgown!"
Cobb's never active mind into complete oblivion as to his promise of keeping an eye on Rebecca.
Cobb waited until this flow of conversation, or more properly speaking this flood of criticism, had ceased, and then said jocularly:--
Jeremiah Cobb's slow-moving mind that the bird perched by his side was a bird of very different feather from those to which he was accustomed in his daily drives.
Cobb's attention never proceeded so far as nose, forehead, or chin, being caught on the way and held fast by the eyes.
Cobb made none of these generalizations; his remark to his wife that night was simply to the effect that whenever the child looked at him she knocked him galley-west.
Cobb to murmur, "I swan!" and insert more tobacco in his left cheek.
He was looking very tough and strong, and at the sight of him a half-formed idea, which she had regretfully dismissed as impracticable, of assaulting Constable Cobb, returned to her in an amended form.
In his heart he rather sympathized with Constable Cobb. He saw the policeman's point of view.
'Cobb,' said Solomon Daisy, dropping his voice and appealing to the post-office keeper; 'what day of the month is this?'