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COBBLERConsensus Biasing by Locally Embedding Residues
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At this speech the Cobbler stared and gaped more than ever, for there was such a threshing of thoughts going on
At last the holy friar bade the landlord show him to his room; but when he heard that he was to bed with a cobbler, he was as ill contented a fellow as you could find in all England, nevertheless there was nothing for it, and he must sleep there or nowhere; so, taking up his candle, he went off, grumbling like the now distant thunder.
So he put on the clothes, and, still raging and swearing vengeance against all the cobblers in Derbyshire, he set forth upon his way afoot; but his ills had not yet done with him, for he had not gone far ere he fell into the hands of the King's men, who marched him off, willy-nilly, to Tutbury Town and the Bishop of Hereford.
Oh, don't say anything," cried the atheist cobbler, dancing about in an ecstasy of admiration of the English legal system.
Do you mean to say, Barnes," came the sharp voice of the cobbler, "that the hammer jumped up of itself and knocked the man down?
But he nodded rather eagerly, being only too ready to explain the Gothic splendours to someone more likely to be sympathetic than the Presbyterian blacksmith or the atheist cobbler.
He first became a cobbler with Timpsons in 1972 before setting up his current business 30 years ago.
I have heard of a peach cobbler but, to be honest, I wasn't really sure what it was.
We have raided the shop on Friday on seeing news package on different news channels that a cobbler has prepared special footwear of deer skin," informed Niaz Mohammad, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Wildlife Extension.
While his own son is pursuing other interests, this master craftsman trains younger cobblers at the Ferragamo workshop.
To make the cobbler top, put the flour, polenta, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and butter into the bowl of a food processor and whizz until the mixture takes on a breadcrumb-y appearance.
The initial set-up of The Cobbler demands a huge suspension of disbelief but that's nothing compared to the gargantuan leaps of logic that McCarthy attempts to perform to meld comedy, drama and romance on the mean streets of modern-day New York.