COBCCoordination of Benefits Contractor
COBCCode of Business Conduct (UK)
COBCCentral Ohio Bicycle Club
COBCCity of Bath College (UK)
COBCChemical Officer Basic Course
COBCCedric Obando and the Broken Condoms (band)
COBCCadet Officer's Basic Course
COBCCompliance Order by Consent (Alaska)
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(64) Regardless, medical expenditures must be approved Medicare expenses (and not services that Medicare would not otherwise pay for) and fund administrative costs cannot exceed that which are approved by the managing COBC or RO.
Until recently, the training and support for COBC and CMC3 fell under two separate organizations--Alpha Company and Charlie Company of the 84th Chemical Battalion.
The primary, focus of vertically integrated training is the combination of COBC and CMC3 training events, where captains fill their future roles as company commanders and brigade chemical officers and lieutenants fill their corresponding platoon leader and battalion chemical officer positions.
The small-group instructors choose one CMC3 student to assume the duties of company commander That individual issues the order to the COBC lieutenants three weeks prior to tactically moving to the field.
With seven COBC classes each year, averaging 40 to 50 students per class, it is impossible for permanent-party personnel to field these requirements without help.
Incoming students are responsible for knowing the information taught in COBC. Redundant information between the courses has been reduced to allow time for more technical chemical and biological instruction.
The overnight staff ride, which builds on the knowledge gained from the COBC staff ride to Wilson's Creek Battlefield, focuses on the campaign for control of the state of Missouri during the Civil War.
Most conditional repayment claims are resolved through (and with) the beneficiary's private attorney and that attorney's negotiation efforts and established-relationship with the COBC. Other parties with interests in ensuring the repayment of any CMS lien, including those being released from liability and primary plan payers, have historically relied upon the beneficiary and his/her attorney to attest to satisfaction of any CMS repayment obligation.
The plaintiffs all were placed on notice by the COBC of conditional payment repayment obligations.
Section 111 is coordinated by CMS through its Coordination of Benefits Contractor (COBC), the same entity to which beneficiaries and their counsel are to report.
An RRE is responsible for reporting "claims" at the "claim period" to CMS through its assigned COBC. A "claim" refers to "the overall claim for liability insurance (including self-insurance), no-fault insurance or workers' compensation rather than a single claim for a particular medical item or service.
Each RRE must register with its assigned COBC, maintaining both a responsible authorized representative and an authorized account manager.