COBCCoordination of Benefits Contractor
COBCCode of Business Conduct (UK)
COBCCentral Ohio Bicycle Club
COBCCity of Bath College (UK)
COBCChemical Officer Basic Course
COBCCedric Obando and the Broken Condoms (band)
COBCCadet Officer's Basic Course
COBCCompliance Order by Consent (Alaska)
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With seven COBC classes each year, averaging 40 to 50 students per class, it is impossible for permanent-party personnel to field these requirements without help.
Incoming students are responsible for knowing the information taught in COBC.
The overnight staff ride, which builds on the knowledge gained from the COBC staff ride to Wilson's Creek Battlefield, focuses on the campaign for control of the state of Missouri during the Civil War.
He is the former commander of Alpha Company, 84th Chemical Battalion, where he was responsible for the plans, coordination, and resource requirements of COBC (prior to the implementation of the Officer Training Department).
He has instructed COBC and CMC3 since January 2003.
The COBC is not an advisor to any RRE with respect to claims handling processes and is not the CMS' agent for recovery negotiations and processes.
An RRE is responsible for reporting "claims" at the "claim period" to CMS through its assigned COBC.
Each RRE must register with its assigned COBC, maintaining both a responsible authorized representative and an authorized account manager.
The account manager oversees the logistics of information transfer to the COBC, monitoring RRE usage activities such as file transmission histories, processing status, and file statistics.
If the COBC determines that the claimant is a Medicare beneficiary, it will notify the RRE and require the RRE to provide additional mandatory information.
58) "The COBC consolidates the activities that support the collection, management, and reporting of other insurance or workers' compensation coverage for Medicare beneficiaries.