COBETComplimentary Basic Education in Tanzania (Tanzania Ministry of Education)
COBETCommon Basic Electronic Training
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Cobet explained the methods used in the production of the CE microdata files to address these concerns.
Louis Culture Yeast Center, including Paul Cobet (left) director, technical center, North American zone and Nijaz Karalic, microbiologist, fermentation sciences.
Cobet 1859, 234: Neminem ex omnibus Chariton frequentius imitatur quam Xenophontem, praesertim Anabasin et Cyropaediam.
The most convincing emendation is Cobet's [GREEK TEXT OMITTED] (see Fowler, "Sappho fr.
(2) [unkeyable] (Sophist 216c4-5) is an odd expression unless Socrates implies that beings other than god belong to the same genus; Cobet's correction [unkeyable] is certainly what one would have expected.
First, Senior Economist Aaron Cobet (CE program) explained the need to balance confidentiality concerns of respondents with usefulness of the data to researchers.