COBPCode of Banking Practice (banking standards)
COBPCountry Operations Business Plan (various nations)
COBPCode Of Best Practices
COBPChronic Obstructive BronchoPneumopathy
COBPCode of Business Principles (Unilever)
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This COBP strategically focuses on urbanization of secondary towns urban- rural linkages economic corridor development climate change and private sector development in Cambodia resulting from the alignment of ADB priorities and those from the Cambodian government.
The interaction term between COBP and SOX1 is positive and significant, which suggests that the cost motive leads to more favorable valuation effects shortly after SOX went into effect.
ADB is pleased to note that approval of the India COBP comes against the backdrop of record performance by ADB in terms of both program delivery and portfolio performance in 2010", said Hun Kim, ADB's Country Director for India.
While formulating this statement, my colleagues and I on the COBP were keenly aware of an important point: Although the legacy of slavery in America has created a particular context for racism and racial discrimination as they pertain to blacks and whites, racism and racial discrimination in this country affect all racial and cultural groups.
According to the IFG, the projects covered by the COBP for 2018-2020 include the Central Spine Roll-On/ Roll-Off (RORO) Project and the Mindanao River Basin Flood Control Project.
COBP 2013-2015 reflects the focus in the CPS on; increasing the average size of projects, selecting the appropriate financing modality and mobilizing co-financing, assessing executing agencies' capacity to absorb funding and manage projects, selectively delegating projects to the Cambodia Resident Mission to improve project administration and portfolio performance, improving adherence to project filters, and improving the monitoring and evaluation of ADB activities through stronger results frameworks and joint missions to supervise co-financed projects.
3 Providing crated boulder masonry wall along nallah near Tailing Pond of COBP and in front of Security Post of Koiposi of South Kaliapani Mines in the district of Jajpur.
It is also aligned with the cross-cutting theme of private sector participation, as identified in the strategic framework of the new draft Indonesia Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) 2016-2019, existing CPS for Indonesia 2012-2014, and interim COBP 2015-2017.
The assistance is also aligned with the CPS for Indonesia 2010-2014, interim COBP 2015-2017 and the new draft CPS, specifically the strategy's second pillar of environmental sustainability through climate change mitigation.
The TA is in the COBP 2014-2016 to support CMC in: (i) institutional reforms and financial sustainability of CMC operations; (ii) capacity enhancement in the CMC to manage the wastewater services; (iii) PPP in wastewater service provision; and (iv) improved sustainability of the Colombo city wastewater services.
COBP for 2009-2011 provides for subsequent PPTA on Traffic Operations Enhancement with indicative ADB financing amount of $1.
The project is included in COBP 2016-2018 as a standby project in 2016 and a firm project in 2017.