COBRCabinet Office Briefing Room (British Parliament)
COBRConsortium of Bicycle Retailers (UK)
COBRContinuous Oscillatory Baffled Reactor
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In the United Kingdom the chairmanship of COBR meetings depends on the nature of the incident or crisis.
Once activated, relevant departments and agencies immediately send representatives to COBR, which remains open until the emergency has passed.
emergency response; COBR brings together the Prime Minister and other
made by COBR, and the armed forces would have no jurisdiction outside of
The COBR will be available for use by chemical companies across the UK and CPI believes it will quickly lead to innovation in British chemical processing and regeneration within the industry.
The Prime Minister chaired a COBR meeting today to assess the situation in Paris and spoke with President Hollande of France.
Following COBR, the Prime Minister called President Hollande to express his profound condolences.
The exercise will test simulated scenarios in different locations, and a simulated government COBR meeting chaired by the Health Secretary will follow.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond chaired a meeting this afternoon of the Government s COBR emergency committee, on the UK s response to the Ebola crisis.