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COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (US)
COBRACOpenhagen, BRussels and Amsterdam
COBRACopenhagen Brussels Amsterdam (avant-garde artists)
COBRACabinet Office Briefing Room A (London, UK)
COBRACounter Battery Radar
COBRACoastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis
CoBRAChemical/Biological Response Aide (Defense Group Inc. software)
COBRAComputerised Bibliographic Record Actions
CoBrAContext Broker Architecture
COBRACommunication Technology: Basic Research and Applications (Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands)
COBRACost of Base Realignment Actions
COBRACombined Old Boys Rugby Association
COBRACentral Oregon Battering & Rape Alliance (Oregon)
COBRACo-Optimized Booster for Reusable Applications (NASA)
COBRAChemical, Ordnance, Biological, & Radiological
CoBRACoastal Barrier Resources Act of 1982
COBRAComplete Oil Breakdown Rate Analyzer
COBRAComputer Optimized Batch Reconciliation Application
COBRAConcise Object Relational Architecture (Kimble Consultancy Services Ltd.)
COBRAConstraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis (biology)
COBRACoaxial Beam-Rotating Antenna
COBRACollection of Broadcasts from Remote Assets (US DoD)
COBRACogeneration, Boiler and Refrigeration Professionals
COBRACOntent-Based Retrieval Architecture
COBRACollaborative Battlespace Reasoning and Awareness (US Army)
COBRACOnservation of a vital european scientific & Biotechnological Resource: microAlgae & cyanobacteria (European Commission Research Project No. QLRT-2000-01645)
COBRAConservation of Biodiversity Resource Areas (Kenya)
COBRACost, Operational Benefit and Requirements Analysis
COBRAContract Bridge Association
COBRACollege of Business Recent Alumni (Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY)
COBRACoherent Online Baseband Receiver for Astronomy
COBRACornell Beam Research Accelerator
COBRACombat Outcome Based on Rules of Attrition
COBRACenter-point Based Regional Access (Cody Systems)
COBRAContinuous Beam Research Apparatus
COBRACoordinated Battleforce Replay and Analysis
COBRAConfidence Bounds and Risk Assessment
COBRAconstant boiling and rod arrays
COBRACombat Outcomes Based on Rules for Attrition
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Large snakes such as the king cobra and the python are not uncommon in Thailand, and with the ongoing monsoon storm season, these reptiles begin to seek shelter on dry land after their homes are flooded.
For more information about PrimePay's COBRA Administration services, visit http://primepay.
Technically, TEA extended the qualification for COBRA subsidy for involuntary terminations until March 31.
MCUK and Cobra this week announced the formation of Cobra Beer Partnership, a joint venture split between MCUK and Lord Bilimoria that will own, produce and market the beer.
extends COBRA continuation coverage periods for certain individuals receiving Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits or pension benefits from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.
The model features painted Cobra Jet body in white, Cobra Jet hood scoop, Cobra Jet Lexan backlight, flush quarter window louvres, 5' pedestal tachometer, SVT Mustang short-throw shifter with black shift knob and handle and Cobra Jet seat package.
The King Cobra Pendulum automatically compensates for distances up to 30 yards and the Quad-4 linkage system allows for fast, precise yardage dialing.
Penalties for failing to comply with COBRA can be severe; penalties may also be imposed by several different entities.
What was most impressive about Phase I and II of Cobra Gold 05 was the way in which everyone came together and utilized their combined skills and experiences in order to overcome any obstacles and successfully complete the mission," be said.
The Election Notice and Form generally must be provided within 14 days after someone covered by the plan notifies the employer that a COBRA qualifying event (including employee's divorce or child's loss of dependent status) has occurred and within 44 days after the date of other qualifying events (including employee's termination or death).
This COBRA compliance software has all of the notifications required by the Department of Labor and is very easy to use," added Whitehouse.
Cobra Financial Services is a development stage company whose core business is to invest into revenue generating real estate, master-planned communities and undeveloped real estate.