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COBRASCosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite
COBRASColorado Bicycle Racing Association for Seniors
COBRASCity of Belfast Radio Amateurs Society (Ireland)
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The Jordanian government pledged last year to donate two US-built Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopters, and President Rodrigo Duterte had mentioned this in some of his speeches.
A local snake catcher rescued the King Cobra and handed it over to the forest department.
Although Taiwan cobras are highly venomous, some hospitals in Taiwan stock antivenom and deaths from cobra bites in Taiwan have become rare.
on 'Big Four' (Common Krait, Black Cobra, Russell's viper and saw-scaled viper) snakes in Pakistan through DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) analysis and molecular biology techniques.Molecular biology has helped mitochondrial DNA studies to give an insight into structure of a population, gene flow, hybridization, biogeography, and phylogenetics.
"It's different from the King Cobras of the past, which had a mid-sized frame while this is more of an oversized small-frame gun.
class="MsoNormalDespite increased attacks along the border with Somalia, the Cobras are sitting unused at the Kenya Air Force.
Most of the snakes seemed to stare at him in awe, conveying what one ( YouTube commenter   alleged of the incident, saying: "the cobras probably think this dude is crazy...that's why they're staying away from him."
Reports said deadly cobras took shelter in a government middle school in Sripat Nagar, in West Champaran, a fortnight ago after rain flooded their lairs.
Club members have been training with the Cobras for between two and seven years, and those receiving their second dans were Niamh Sadler, Louis Maguire, Joe Smith, Ben Parker, Fern Jessop and Jordan Wimpenny.
Cobras may be wounded after a painful defeat to the well-fancied Chennai Super Kings last time out but deserve credit for getting themselves into such a strong position against the tournament favourites.
"Everyone knew Luke kept cobras, but he has so much experience we never expected anything like this.
Railroad official Pham Quynh said passengers were terrified when four cloth bags containing the writhing cobras were spotted on Friday.