COBTCentral Ohio Bowlers Tour
COBTCentral Ontario Building Trades (Canada)
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Com TGLO 11/98 9 3 Foundry Networks FDRY 9/99 25 4 FreeMarkets FMKT 12/99 48 5 Cobalt Networks COBT 11/99 22 6 MarketWatch.
Although China is the largest soybean import country in the world, the annual soybean import volumes exceeding 30 million tons, yet Chinese enterprises could not take part in the international price-making, only engage in the futures exchange in COBT and passively accept the price made by COBT.
Prior to joining MontaVista, Herrell was a senior executive at Cobalt Networks (formerly Nasdaq: COBT, later acquired by Sun), the leading maker of Linux-based server appliances.