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COBUCommittee on Budgets (EU)
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COBU decided to maintain some of the Council's cuts in the administrative budget (heading 5).
We expect it to take our concerns into account by presenting an amending letter and to say what savings from 2009 can be allocated to the 2010 budget for projects under the recovery plan,' said COBU Chair Alain Lamassoure (EPP, France).
COBU asks the Commission to take this request into account in its second amending letter.
The COBU had to review the breakdown of funds between each budgetary area in order to respect the agreement with the Council.
While the COBU enthusiastically welcomes the Bureau's idea, it deplores the fact that proposed actions will not be defined before the end of 2007.
In mid-2006, the COBU, and then the plenary decided to vote in favour of improving the "quality and quantity" of the facilities offered by the sports centre in Brussels, which has not changed since it was created in the nineties.
During a second exchange of views in Brussels on 26 February, members of the COBU went on the attack.
It is clear therefore that opinions differ already on the first phase but despite this,aLamassoure's first report is expected to receive the support of the majority of MEPs, at least from the members of COBU.
And that should make you at the COBU happy as it won't cost you a thing," he added ironically.
French-born Catherine Guy-Quint, the PES coordinator in the COBU, confirmed that "all necessary proof has been provided to release the funding".
After several long days of negotiating, the COBU finally completed the voting on the 1,250 amendments to the Council's first reading in July (see Europolitics 3168 and 3165).
Member states feel that the sum requested by the COBU cannot be justified.