COBUSCollege of the Bahamas Union of Students (Nassau, Bahamas)
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Today we are carrying out this same operation stress-free- with a COBUS 3000," was the statement made by a German Airport Manager after having started to operate a COBUS recently.
The full-length low-floor passenger area offered through the three extra wide passenger doors on both sides of the COBUS is supported by an automatic 'kneeling' system, which means the passenger has only to take a single step when getting on or off.
Although offering engines that comply with the latest emission requirements, the COBUS offers a two-way exhaust system, which automatically guides exhaust fumes away from the opened passenger doors.
The two COBUS units to be received in coming weeks,have a capacity of more than 100 passengers and feature ambient interiors and air conditioning system guaranteeing a rapid, flexible and comfortable passenger service, while considerably reducing the idle times of the aircraft.