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COCAOCouncil of Chief Academic Officers
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Ecuador's economic history featured the cocao era from 1860 to 1920, the emergence of the concept of 'developmentalism' that was linked to the banana boom of 1948 to 1965, and the post-1972 reliance on the volatile petroleum sector to lift the country's GDP.
Cocao had several chances to bring Safa back into the game but each was thwarted by Ahed goalkeeper Mohammad Aldkrmenji.
In the tradition of big zinfandel with lots of pepper and berry fruit, this wine brings it all; the long finish offers up even more hints of different flavors like cocao and a bit of spice.
Burgundy is one of the leading providers of grape derivatives such as polyphenols and extracts from tea, soya beans, cocao and fruits.
ounce chocolate bar containing 85 percent cocao, the good stuff.