COCECo-Occurring Center for Excellence (US DHHS; mental illness and substance abuse services; est. 2003)
COCEConference on Communication and Environment (Maine)
COCECollege of Continuing Education (various universities)
COCECode of Conduct and Ethics (Industrial Development Bank of India; Mumbai, India)
COCECongress of Christian Education
COCECondition of Continued Employment (state employees; Pennsylvania)
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Screening, assessment, and treatment planning for persons with co-occurring disorders: COCE overview paper 2.
Some 60% of students still live in houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) and 6% to 7% in COCEs, but this is changing.
Following COCES protests, the federal government appointed a Federal Commission to investigate long-standing COCES charges of toxic dumping in March 1995.
A few days later, the COCES march reached city hall in a clamor of shouts for peace and justice, led by Aranda.
The government says COCES is always fighting, but these arc poor people in COCES.
The January 7 march was a culmination of more than 200 demonstrations, 25 sit-ins, and four hunger strikes that COCES had initiated in the past two years.