COCHYColumbus Congregations for Healthy Youth (Ohio)
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They settled at Cochy Mieri, a small cottage near Red Wharf Bay.
Or--Rx Opium ye Bigness of a Pease, dissolve it in Cochy of Womans Milk, make it Blood-warm, and Anoint ye Temples therewith, for want of Womans milk, take Rose-Water."(19) Cures for gout also sometimes included breast milk, as in the claim that "Ye yolks of Eggs, Womans milk, Linseed, & Saffron, altogether in a plaister, asswageth ye Diseases of ye Gout." Similarly, "For ye Gout--Rx Sevil Sope, [ca.] pennyworth of Camphire, a Sauser full of Woman's milk of a man child, then put ye Sope & Camphire into ye Milk, till it be thick, then put it into a clean box, or Vessel, & let it stand 24 hours, & then Anoint ye Patient therewith cold, & ever lay ye Medicine above ye Sore to draw it downwards.
Ges i sio ei fod o'n fwy o frown na choch ond mae'n debyg bod cwn cochy frown weithiau.