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They were connected to the core of the intellectual network mainly by cocitations with Bourdieu, who was part of debates about inequality and class analysis, and Dorothy Smith, whose feminist sociology combined (and therefore cocited) Marxism with ethnomethodology.
The largest component for 1995 to 2004 was a set of specialties that were knit together by only a few cocited books and articles.
In 1995 to 2004, there was more feminist literature being cocited with qualitative data analysis books (e.g., on grounded theory), while classics in symbolic interactionism were much less central.
Some are cocited with work in the culture cluster, especially "The Forms of Capital," and an emerging body of work on "relational sociology," pioneered by scholars such as Nick Crossley.
The emergence of a social theory specialty was well under way in the 1995 to 2004 period, when works by well-known theorists of risk and modernity, globalization, and governmentality were beginning to be cocited. In the 2005 to 2014 period, these cocitations were primarily among Ulrich Beck, Michel Foucault, Nikolas Rose, and Anthony Giddens.
In this stage, data mapping was carried out and an intellectual structure of social behavior studies was revealed using cocitation analysis, a bibliometric technique (Zuccala, 2006) which involves counting paired or cocited documents from a chosen field.
Cocites 1 522 2 525 3 518 4 469 5 473 6 452 7 399 8 322 9 362 10 403 Table 3.
One can also confine the search to particular cocited works - for example, to anything that cited both Sperber and Wilson (1986) and Harter (1992).
To connote a complex subject area, multiple pairings of cocited authors or cocited works can be used.
However, if one created a profile of authors or works from different disciplines and then retrieved documents in which those authors or works were multiply cocited, that might occasionally turn up syntheses.
The clusters comprise earlier documents that have been repeatedly cocited (above some threshold) by later documents - evidence that both groups are related in subject matter.
Put another way, Sandstrom is a new synthesis that cocites many authors who have never been cocited before; her article gives each pair, such as Paul B.