COCLECongressional Oversight Committee on Labor and Employment (The Philippines)
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In the midst of the disasters that befell the house, Cocles was the only one unmoved.
Nothing had as yet occurred to shake Cocles' belief; the last month's payment had been made with the most scrupulous exactitude; Cocles had detected an overbalance of fourteen sous in his cash, and the same evening he had brought them to M.
Cocles appeared, and the young man bade him conduct the stranger to M.
Go and see, Cocles, and if my father is there, announce this gentleman.
The young girl turned pale and continued to descend, while the stranger and Cocles continued to mount the staircase.
He made a sign to Cocles, who went first; the seamen followed him and Emmanuel brought up the rear.
announced today that the company has closed a USD $71 million project financing deal for the 55MW project, which represents the first phase of the Penonome wind farm, located in the Province of Cocle, Panama.
Their exports of goods and services total $500 million a year; they are located in the metropolitan area, but also in La Chorrera, Arraijan and Cocle.
Place of delivery: SAN JUAN DE DIOS POLICLINICA CREAM, Cocle Province
Contract awarded for Partial improvement of housing units, village of guzman, district of nata, cocle province.
The 33MWdc of Solar Photovoltaic Projects are located on 200 acres of idle grazing land on three sites in the Hererra, Cocle and Los Santos Provinces in the Republic of Panama.
In March 2013, as part of the Panamanian bovine TB control program, TSTs were administered to a dairy herd of 1,680 Jersey cows in Cocle Province, Panama.