COCMChinese Overseas Christian Mission (UK)
COCMCongestive Cardiomyopathy
COCMCode Officials Conference of Michigan
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The PCBH and CoCM models of integrated behavioral health reflect some overlap with each other and NCQA's PCMH criteria.
In HEON, the splitters are controlled by our COCM module to illuminate or extinguish each single waveguide.
By releasing priority token in an additional arbitration waveguide, the COCM can determine which OGR is able to modulate on a particular optical channel preferentially and avoid bus access conflicts.
Release and absorption of tokens: Our COCM releases m tokens, where m is the number of optical channels which are illuminated.
* Value-based collaborative care, a Medicare payment model established in January 2017 in which Medicare reimburses for behavioral health services integrated into primary care settings via the Medicare psychiatric collaborative care model (CoCM) and other models.
of Collaborative Care Management (CoCM) demonstrated that CoCM alone had little effect (Schnurr et al., 2013).