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COCOAConference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications
COCOACentral Oregon Council on Aging (Redmond, OR)
COCOAComputations in Commutative Algebra
COCOACobra Owners Club of America (car club; California)
COCOACentral Ohio Code Officials Association (building codes)
COCOACommittee to Outlaw Contrived and Outrageous Acronyms
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But I haven't thanked you for the cocoa. It was fine.'
It is not for nothing that the cocoa industry is examining how it does business.
Manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products Barry Callebaut AG (OTC-Pink:BYCBF)(Swiss:BARN)(Zurich: BARN) and Malaysian Cocoa Board (KualaLumpur:2445) plan to cooperate on developing superior quality cocoa and chocolate from Malaysia.
ADM produces cocoa butter, cocoa powder and cocoa liquor at the plant, which was acquired in 1997 from British Cocoa Mills, and employs 86 people there.
For this long-term, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, conducted by Skin Investigation and Technology (SIT) research center in Hamburg, Germany, the potential effect of an oral supplement based on cocoa flavanols on skin elasticity was investigated with a non-invasive topical device.
A nice cup of cocoa is always a comforting treat, but for most people, the time to enjoy hot cocoa is when the weather is cold or wet, or when they are simply feeling blue.
Furthermore, in both figures "Cocoa powder 2" (Table 2) is incorrectly plotted.
The triangular building, similar in shape to the iconic Flatiron Building in Midtown, served as the original site of the New York Cocoa Exchange from 1931 to 1972.
The history of cocoa bean harvesting has been dark.
Made from the beans of the tropical plant Theobroma cacao, cocoa was a favorite drink of ancient Maya and Aztec people in Mesoamerica.
Recently, a friend told me that cocoa contains no caffeine.