COCOBUCommission du Contrôle Budgétaire (French: Budgetary Control Committee)
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Rejection by COCOBU may not necessarily be followed in plenary.
These documents are expected to satisfy COCOBU and prompt it to vote for discharge, on 1 October (the vote in plenary is set for 20 October in Strasbourg).
This report will be adopted between 16 and 19 March in the COCOBU and between 21 and 24 April in plenary.
The COCOBU meeting took place in Brussels on 26 and 27 March to examine the proper execution of the resources allocated to all EU institutions and agencies in 2005 as part of the annual discharge procedure.
This first meeting lies within the scope of the annual discharge procedure for which the COCOBU is responsible.
On 4 May, a working group consisting of four members of the COCOBU was formed to provide clarity on this double affair.
The group will report regularly to COCOBU which has granted it its mandate and retains overall responsibility on the issue.