COCOBUCommission du Contrôle Budgétaire (French: Budgetary Control Committee)
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The COCOBU could also use the argument that the documents were presented to only a small delegation of MEPs, including its chair, Luigi de Magistris (ALDE, Italy), at an informal meeting with representatives of the Council's Secretariat-General and the Swedish EU Presidency, on 24 September, and not officially to all its members.
There followed an exchange of letters and meetings, and then the new Chair of the Committee on Budgetary Control, Luigi de Magistris (ALDE, Italy), decided, in July, to invite the Council's Deputy Secretary-General Pierre de Boissieu and a representative of the Swedish EU Presidency to attend the COCOBU meeting, on 30 September in Brussels, to discuss the discharge "officially and formally" on the eve of the vote.
The EPP-ED has clearly announced that it will follow COCOBU's recommendations.
Speaking before the COCOBU, the minister said he was "concerned" by the fact that a number of expenditures still have a significant error rate.
The COCOBU thus continues to ask the EU executive for the accounts because, even if 80% of the Union's expenditure is a result of shared management with member states, it is the final body responsible, according to the Treaty, for the execution of EU funds.
I presented to the COCOBU the results of the Court in a clear and open manner.
The COCOBU meeting took place in Brussels on 26 and 27 March to examine the proper execution of the resources allocated to all EU institutions and agencies in 2005 as part of the annual discharge procedure.
This first meeting lies within the scope of the annual discharge procedure for which the COCOBU is responsible.
On 4 May, a working group consisting of four members of the COCOBU was formed to provide clarity on this double affair.
The group will report regularly to COCOBU which has granted it its mandate and retains overall responsibility on the issue.
A son invitation, la Cocobu demande des lors que les Traites soient amendes pour permettre au Parlement et a ses deputes de decider eux-memes de la fixation du siege.
Au sujet de l'aide humanitaire, la Cocobu demande plus particulierement a la Commission de faire rapport sur son efficacite, sur les risques de manipulation, les abus et gaspillages, le risque de creer une dependance.