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COCOMCoordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
COCOMCombatant Command (command authority; US DoD)
COCOMCommission Communautaire Commune (French: Joint Community Commission; Belgium)
COCOMCoordinating Committee
COCOMCorporate Communications
COCOMComplete Communication (Round Rock, TX)
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The JRAC reports to the secretary of defense through the under secretary of defense, acquisition, technology and logistics (USD(AT & L)) and the USD (comptroller), and consists of a core and an advisory group composed of 26 flag officer- and Senior Executive Service-level representatives from the Services, COCOMs, and select defense activities.
Also COCOM PIRs are typically focused on the overall priorities of high level decision makers, and thus would not provide the information necessary for subordinate commanders to actually execute the plan.
USASAC manages the concept of support and sustainment closely for every case, especially COCOM priority cases.
The SRU is a monthly report presented to the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army on the readiness of COCOM manning, training, and equipping.
Past doctrinal distinctions between Air Force forces (AFFOR) and the AOC placed the air component at a disadvantage, or worst-case exclusion, when addressing COCOM and cross-component operational issues.
05 was published instructing all DOD entities including the Defense Intelligence Agency, COCOMs, the Services, the Army National Guard Bureau, and all five Reserve Services to fully integrate the reserve components into the Defense Intelligence Enterprise.
Working with COCOM analysts to develop the 2016 BES for Exhibit PBA-27, Military Information Support Operations, and Exhibit PB-58, Combatant Command Direct Funding.
The control on trade with China was relaxed only slightly after the end of occupation as Japan joined COCOM in 1953.
COCOM departments are something that are relatively new for the Pakistani corporate culture.
COCOM was established under Framework Directive 2002/21/EC and assists the EU executive in its work.
leaders, taking advantage of the lessons learned in both theaters, initiated a series of legislative changes that resulted in the current UCP process and COCOM construct.
Has any COCOM or Army unit determined how many and what types of missions have failed due to a loss of cyber capabilities?