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Similarly, the total cost of Knee Replacement Surgery for the patient, with traditional CoCr Knee Implant, which would have normally come around Rs.
Cantilever Cantilever Cantilever Resonance Force width thickness frequency constant length ([micro]m) ([micro]m) (kHz) (N/m) ([micro]m) 225 32 2.5 50-70 1-1.6 Curvature radius: 40 nm; magnetic coating: CoCr (thickness about 40 nm).
Caption: Figure 3: (a) Extensively resorbed denture-bearing area in the mandible; (b) four mini dental implants inserted; (c) mandibular overdenture reinforced with the CoCr framework with matrices and O-rings inserted.
It should be noted that it appears that little if any hexavalent Cr (Cr (6)) is released from the CoCr alloy prostheses.
Essner, Three-body wear of UHMWPE acetabular cups by PMMA particles against CoCr, alumina and zirconia heads in a hip joint simulator, Wear.
The ordered [L1.sub.0] FePt phase has [K.sub.u] of at least 10 times that of the currently used CoCr alloy system [12], and this material is the most promising candidate for a high-[K.sub.u] medium.
However, revision of a broken ceramic liner to a MoP articulation can also cause mechanical wear and subsequent release of cobalt ions, due to contact between the new cobalt-chromium (CoCr) femoral head and remaining ceramic particles, which may become embedded in the PE inlay [1, 2, 5-9].
First, assume that the cobalt-chrome (CoCr) femoral condyles in the coronal plane are almost flat with only slightly rounded edges (Figure 8(a)), but they have a curvature diameter of Ds in the sagittal plane at the tibiofemoral interface (Figure 8(b)).
Table 1: Variables, their proxies and sources Variables Proxy Foreign Direct Investment LNFDI Market Size Ln population Development Level Ln GDPPC Openness Ln trade as a % of GDP Human Capital Ln tertiary education Good Governance (*) Political Stability Regulatory Quality Control of Corruption Government Effectiveness Variables Abbreviation Sources Foreign Direct Investment Ln FDI WB, WDI Market Size Ln Pop WB, WDI Development Level Ln GDPPC WB, WDI Openness Ln Trade WB, WDI Human Capital Ln TrEdu Barro & Lee Education Good Governance (*) PolStab RegQu CoCr Dataset GovEf World Bank, Worldwide Governance Indicators (*) The governance variables are taken without log because their values vary between -2.5 to +2.5.
For example, some manufacturers choose titanium-based materials for their tibial implants, while others choose CoCr materials.
The white paper is entitled "Comparison of two polyester sublaminar bands for the treatment of thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with CoCr rods: Jazz versus Universal Clamp."