COCSTCarry-On Combat System Trainer
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"Onboard training for ships," AAI's Wilhite said, "is certainly something that's caught the eye of other navies around the world as well." The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) approached AAI in 1999 about providing a complete onboard training system for its six FFG-class ships, and the company is currently under contract to develop an onboard training system for the Australian FFG-class ships, including radar interfaces, weapons interfaces, tactical-datalink interfaces, navigation, etc -- basically the same capabilities provided by the COCST, except these will all be permanently installed onboard the vessels.
Aboard those ships not equipped with the GNSS, the company offers its Carry-On Combat Systems Trainers (COCST), portable trainers that can be brought aboard any combat ship.
The CNO has released funds for a new OBT, the Carry-On Combat Systems Trainer (COCST), to fill the gap that the retirement of the vans will create.