COCTCode of Conduct Training (US Air Force)
COCTConseil d'Orientation sur les Conditions de Travail (French: Orientation Council on Working Conditions)
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The indicators were derived by linking the different data systems that are used by the CoCT and the provincial health authorities.
[7,8] To support this expansion, the CoCT undertook significant IT development of the LMSS, moving from a personal computer-based system to a web-based system.
To update the 2001-2006 analysis and describe the changes in mortality, including child mortality, and health inequities between 2001 and 2013 in the CoCT and subdistricts.
The continuous state of restructuring of local government institutions had affected CoCT's delivery capacity, so a main issue in 2004/2005 was whether the city could play the anticipated role in the N2 Gateway project.
All-cause mortality in the CoCT declined by 8% from 938 to 863 per 100 000 between 2001 - 2004 and 2010 - 2013.
The CoCT has been responsible for significant information technology development, moving from a stand-alone computer-based system to a web-based system including managed access control.
Noriega told a House Subcommittee concerning the new partnership: "Thus far, we have identified over 300 initiatives spread over twenty trilateral [meaning U.S., Canada, and Mexico] working groups on which the three countries will collaborate." What is being con cocted in the hundreds of "initiatives" underway by these "working groups"?