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COCUSCentral Office Code Utilization Survey
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Should one wish to consider the Hoorentse islands, situated in Longitude 185[degrees]45', to be the easternmost of the Salamonis, then the charts and globe would show a difference of about 19[degrees]; but if one should look upon the Cocus and Verraders island, situated in 194[degrees]Longitude and 17% degrees S.
Une strategie de selection du cocotier Cocus nucifera.
Alors qu'en France, les vaudevilles mettaient en scene des maris cocus et des femmes trompees de toutes les facons imaginables, le Canada francais devait se contenter de ce qui respectait strictement les convenances.
Number of Finch Finch Genus Types of Finches Species Tool Analogy for Beak Geospiza Ground and cactus 6 Heavy duty finches linesman's pliers Camarhynchus Tree finches 3 High leverage diagonal pliers Cactospiza Woodpecker and 2 Long chain nose mangrove finches pliers Platyspiza Vegetarian finch 1 Parrot-head gripping pliers Pinaroloxias Cocus island finch 1 Curved needle-nosed pliers Certhidea Warbler finch 1 Needle-nose pliers
El retrato de Felipe IV a caballo bajo un arco de triunfo, grabado por Pier Cocus y Peter de Jode (20) segun Van Dyck es para nosotros un importante hallazgo sin considerar hasta ahora que prueba la presencia del rey de Espana en el repertorio iconografico de Van Dyck valiendose del mismo caballo bajo arco triunfal de Carlos I de Inglaterra hoy en Buckinham.
There is evidence that freedmen filled the posts of procurator (general manager, often involving several other functions), lorarius (overseer), cocus (cook), structor (headwaiter or meat-carver), cubicularius (keeper of the bedchamber), nomenclator (who reminded the master of his social duties), pedisequi (footmen), pedagogi and grammatici, doctors, clerical staff, including private secretary--(a manu or amanuensis), anagostae (readers), librarii (copyists), librarioli (bookmakers), glutinatores (roll-makers)--and, notably, letter carriers.
Those with an eye to the very rare in furniture will be drawn to the stand of Mulberry House Antiques who will offer this fine and unusual William and Mary Cuban Cocus wood Cabinet on Stand.
In-vitro evaluation of antioxidant properties of Cocus nucifera Linn Water.
Quando lemos no Appendix Probi: coquus non cocus, equs non ecus, rivus non rius, esses exemplos mostram que o som u entre vogais ou depois de consoante tendia a se fundir na vogal homorganica.
Palabras clave: Biomasa, desarrollo sostenible, reproduccion, Sacharomyces cerevisiae, coco, cinetica, Cocus nucifera
Dans son rapport, Latour appelle l'ile de la Tremblade: l'ile aux Cocus et c'est bien le nom qui apparait sur ce plan (Figure 3).