COD-FISHChromosome Orientation and Direction Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
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Weller and the guard are endeavouring to insinuate into the fore-boot a huge cod-fish several sizes too large for it--which is snugly packed up, in a long brown basket, with a layer of straw over the top, and which has been left to the last, in order that he may repose in safety on the half-dozen barrels of real native oysters, all the property of Mr.
The wheels skim over the hard and frosty ground; and the horses, bursting into a canter at a smart crack of the whip, step along the road as if the load behind them--coach, passengers, cod-fish, oyster-barrels, and all--were but a feather at their heels.
Pickwick was busily engaged in counting the barrels of oysters and superintending the disinterment of the cod-fish, when he felt himself gently pulled by the skirts of the coat.
As he said it, he glanced from the cod-fish to the oyster- barrels, and chuckled joyously.
An enormous dead cod-fish was lying on the bank, with the hook in its mouth.
As Richard came in, he opened and shut his mouth like a cod-fish, and his eyes protruded.
Casson had the laugh strongly against him, and wisely fell back on the previous question, which, far from being exhausted in a single evening, was renewed in the churchyard, before service, the next day, with the fresh interest conferred on all news when there is a fresh person to hear it; and that fresh hearer was Martin Poyser, who, as his wife said, "never went boozin' with that set at Casson's, a- sittin' soakin' in drink, and looking as wise as a lot o' cod-fish wi' red faces."
We had a fine cod-fish, a piece of roast beef, a dish of cutlets, and a pudding; an excellent dinner, if it had had any cooking to speak of, but it was almost raw.