CODACONCoded Anode Array Converter
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We are ready to launch legal action and seek compensation not only against the companies who are responsible but also those whose duty it was to protect citizens," Codacons President Carlo Rienzi said in a statement.
Codacons and two US law firms are suing Costa Cruises in the US over the disaster.
Codacons is also claiming that electrical problems may have contributed directly to the deaths of several passengers who are thought to have died in the stricken vessel's lifts.
Consumer group Codacons expects Italians to spend 40 percent less in January than the year before.
A spokesman for Italian civil rights group Codacons said: "If a tourist dived into a fountain they would be fined.
We have a strong working relationship with CODACONS and are happy to have their cooperation in this ground-breaking case," said Mr.
Codacons is seeking a minimum of 8,300 pounds compensation for all passengers.
Italian consumer rights group Codacons has said that it has filed a class action lawsuit against Italy's two largest banks - Intesa Sanpaolo SpA (ISP.
16 on lawsuits filed by filmers association ANAC and consumer rights org CODACONS charging that construction permits for the multiplex -- negotiated by umbrella company Cinecitta Holding without WVC's participation -- are not in order.
Italy's consumer association Codacons and two US law firms have said that they would file the suit against the company on behalf of the passengers.