CODAGCombined Diesel & Gas Turbine
CODAGCombination Of Diesel & Gas (Turbine)
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With a light displacement of around 4500 tonnes, the PPA will have a CODAG (Combined Diesel and Gas) propulsion system with two electric motors for low-speed operations, based on an Avio/ GE LM-2500+G4 32MW gas turbine, two diesel engines and two electric motors, while electrical power will be provided by four diesel generators.
Code to Cods and Cogs CODAD COmbined Diesel And Diesel COGAG COmbined Gas turbine And Gas turbine COGOG COmbined Gas turbine Or Gas turbine CODAG COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine CODOG COmbined Diesel Or Gas turbine CODLAG COmbined Diesel-eLectric And Gas turbine
NG Project L3A number of propulsion options have been investigated from a conventional system for 20 knot performance to a hybrid CODAG system delivering over 40 knots.