CODARTSConcurrent Design Approach for Real-Time Systems
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CODARTS can be used by units as small as squads to those of several hundred soldiers and combat vehicles, Buchanan said.
A mortar simulator marketed by Ruag as part of the Codarts system, is also intended to train entire crews in the field and is especially suited to force-on-force exercises.
After studying in Havana (Cuba) and the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam (Netherlands), he returned to Cyprus where he now performs regularly with different bands and teaches at the ARTE Music Academy.
The COmbined arms Direct fire and ARtillery Training System (Codarts), also supplied by Ruag to the Swiss Army, provides a very high level of realism in its ability to determine the lethal effects of artillery and mortar fire during field exercises.
NETHERLANDS CODARTS ROTTERDAM The best professional modern dance education in Europe for dancers, dance teachers & dance therapists.
Kasinos studied Jazz Guitar Performance at the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam.
Codarts: Ruag offers and supplies a wide range of simulators for individual, crew and unit training, but perhaps the most comprehensive training system of all is the Codarts training centre.
In 2016, he completed his Master studies on Ottoman Music/Oud performance at the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam.